National Safar card

National Safar Card
Iran country as one of previous membership of word tourism organization, with attention to settlement in important geographical region and bearing considerable abilities regarding to regional, cultural, natural, historical attractions, have undeniable importance.
Tourism industry such as other industry should have constant and confident affairs in its way of improvement and with accurate programming can perform exception and anticipation of holder of investment regarding to production of investment value added with competitive rate of improvement with other industry.
Important step destroys plague of seasonal traveling, adjustment and regulation of traveling time and location to all long of years and whole of country.
Following to these issues and in order to disproportion of potential abilities and Iran tourism attraction in one hand, and on the other hand low share in national income causes to execute general plan, improvement of tourism and therefore, it can establish abundance of tourism and with these tasks can take steps in improvement of constant tourism industry.
For performing these tasks, traveling document in the name of National Card traveling has been produced that is a type of electronic card and execute with special management system and all of people encourage slowly for using organizational and alternative traveling for this reason this project which have been done on it much investigation, have been started its work and at the present it execute in whole of country.
This project includes all of difficult people and has been executed by Tourism & Iran Traveling Investigation Co. for this reason Cultural inheritance Organization as per argument letter announced its interest in regard to improvement and execution of the said project by this company.
National Card Traveling Project is matting point of present program that its aim provides one perfect network from all services and present productions presentable in tourism industry and it is improved as per disciplined program.
The greatest aim of this project is suitable distribution of tourism services and establishment social justice in traveling.
Advantages of National Card Traveling:
National Card Traveling resulting of present project definition and using new facilities of commercial bearing many direct and indirect advantages that is following:
Advantages of industry section:
· Increasing selling and coefficient of occupation in the tourism industry
· Deduction of investment risk in the tourism industry
· Purify competitions and elimination of middlemen

Advantages of customer:
· Using updated network in servicing
· Using new systems and present electronic business in project
· Using discount and encouragement rate of project
National advantages:
· Increasing mental health level in family, place of work and society
· Increasing quality of tourism services and innovation
· Deduction confidence in time of traveling and risks of traveling in roads
· Deduction protection exchanges and a bank bill
· Deduction traffic and urban problems
Holder of National Card traveling can spend balance of this card in tourism centers and during traveling.
Tourism and traveling investment Co. with providing 70 residences units together with difficult degrees and cooperation with exceptions and local traveler budgets and in reason of suitable distribution in difficult regions and also having technical and suitable experts, was elected as main enforcer in execution of this project.
At the present the greatest network of internet reserve in tourism centers that has been designed and produced by tourism & Iran Traveling investment Co., present services to national card project and has important role in transferring traditional view to new methods.
Reviewing of services and present productions in internet network of this card without time and location limitation causes to perform regulated traveling and the best election will be made by family and professional traveler.
Limitation of more informal agents is the biggest finding of this system that cause to exchange illogical way of travelers.